The riddle of the Sphinx and the plague of Thebes FREE This summer in Sophocles OEDIPUS REX

(PRWEB) June 18, 2003


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Cypreco of America presents


FREE Theatre This Summer

Opening July 8 and running the summer,

Sophocles’ 2,500 year old masterpiece

will tour Manhattan and Queens.

New York (PRWEB) Cypreco of America –– an international company specializing in the presentation of the great Greek plays –– will present a new adaptation of Sophocles’ tragedy, OEDIPUS REX this summer as part of its annual free theatre and cultural festivals. Oedipus will perform FREE at parks, theatres, and libraries throughout Manhattan and Queens including Bryant Park, The Bohemian National Hall, and The Cypress Consulate. The production is directed by Jay Michaels and produced by Cypreco’s founder, Lucy Maroulleti.

The riddle of the Sphinx, the plague of Thebes, and the secret that thrusts arrogant Oedipus into oblivion have new meaning in an interpretation taking the 21st Century into account. In the shadow of the temple of Apollo, the young monarch must solve a crime so heinous as to plunge his kingdom into death and darkness.

A distinguished cast tells the multi-millennium-old tale. Australian actor Jeremy Waters makes his New York debut as Oedipus while United Kingdom theatre veteran, Heather Dumont, plays Queen Jocasta. Rounding out the cast are a bevy of classical artists: Brad Lee Thomason as Creon, Steve Scott as Teiresias, and Eric K. Johnston, Joel Malazita, and Elizabeth Gee as the plot-unraveling messengers. Character actor, Timothy Foley, heads the masqued Greek chorus which includes Danielle Cook, Ron Dizon, Kelly Markus, Robert Moreira, Kate Szyperski, James Reade Venable, and opera singer, Tara Marie McGrath as the Sphinx. Original music by Eric K. Johnston, original masque work by Michael Fortunato, Michael Bianco will stage manage.

The production — approximately 60 minutes in length — utilizes masques, music, and mime, and is staged “environmentally” — with the audience literally sharing the journey.


Performance schedule:

Tues., July 8 6:00 p.m.

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